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SPH provides services in the areas of structured investment, project financing and EPC. 

Welcome to Summer Place Holdings (SPH)

Summer Place Holding (Pty) Limited (“SPH”) is a consulting and advisory company providing engineering, legal, contractual services and contract management in structured investment, project financing and EPC. We offer a unique framework of knowledge, expertise, experience, human resources and communication channels.

SPH revolves around four thematic pillars of project financing, project consulting & advisory, project management and project inspection & auditing.

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Experienced specialists

Our network of engineers, architects, planners, finance and investments experts, project managers and directors collaborate to improve the economic and social environment of the communities in which we operate. We provide multi-disciplinary services covering the full life cycle of projects including: structured financing experts and analysts; water and power plants, treatment plants, mines, oil & gas, town & city planning, buildings, farming, roads, transportation, marine structures and seaports.


Stable & predictable results

SPH works alongside their client and other technical and professional project consultants throughout the project funding process. Our team is highly experienced in the negotiation of project contracts, financial modelling and government negotiations. We offer a full service advisory approach to get the right deal, and get it closed within the shortest time possible.


Satisfaction guarantee

SPH has certified auditors on staff and work with associate partners that are proficient in ISO quality systems to carry out internal and external audits. We offer an effective third party inspection to international clients to verify the comprehensive capacity of enterprises, such as production capacity, manufacturing process, technical capacity, quality management system and export experience. By so doing we minimize production risks, assure delivery quality, provide key information about the manufacturer to help complete the risk management process and ensure the project can be implemented effectively.

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